Ernst Meyer and the United Front


Florian Wilde: Building a Mass Party: Ernst Meyer and the United Front Policy 1921-1922,  

In: Ralf Hoffrogge and Norman LaPorte, ‘Weimar Communism as Mass Movement, London 2017, p. 66-86.


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Inhaltsverzeichnis des Bandes:

(I) Revolutionary Origins
1. Gerhard Engel, ‘The International Communists of Germany, 1916-1919’
2. Ottokar Luban, ‘The Role of the Spartacist Group after 9 November 1918 and the Formation of the KPD

(II) The KPD between Revolution and Realpolitik 
3. Florian Wilde, ‘Building a Mass Party: Ernst Meyer and the United Front Policy, 1921-1922’
4. Ralf Hoffrogge, ‘Class against Class: the “Ultra-left” Berlin Opposition, 1921-1923’
5. Mario Kessler, ‘Resisting Moscow? Ruth Fischer and the KPD, 1923-1926’
6. Norman LaPorte, ‘The Rise of Ernst Thälmann and the Hamburg Left, 1921-1923’
7. Marcel Bois, ‘Opposing Hitler and Stalin: Left Wing Communists after Expulsion from the KPD

(III) Communism and the Trade Unions
8. Constance Margain, ‘The German Section of the International of Sailors and Harbour Workers’
9. Stefan Heinz, ‘The “Red Unions” and their Resistance to National Socialism: The Unity Union of the Berlin Metal Workers, 1930-1935’

(IV) Reaching Beyond the Party?
10. Sebastian Zehetmair, ‘The KPD and Farmers: Approaches to a Neglected Research Problem’
11. Ben Fowkes, ‘Communism and the Avant-garde in Weimar Germany’
12. Fredrik Petersson, ‘Willi Münzenberg: A Propagandist Reaching Beyond the Party and Class’

(V) Stalin, the ‘Third Period’ and the German Catastrophe 
13. Bernhard H. Bayerlein, ‘The Entangled Catastrophe: Hitler’s 1933 “Seizure of Power” and the Power Triangle – New Evidence on the Historic Failure of the KPD, the Comintern, and the Soviet Union’